Hotronix® Heat Press Caddies™

Haz el mismo trabajo en la mitad de tiempo.

Heat Press Caddie™ stands allow you to add industry-exclusive Threadability™ to any Hotronix® Auto Open Clam, Hover press, or MAXX® Clam heat press.
Una o más patentes en trámite. Fabricado en los EE. UU.
Agrega Estantes para prensas (se venden por separado) para mantener los insumos a mano.

  • Imprime el frente y el dorso sin volver a colocar en la platina y acorta el tiempo de producción en un 40%
  • Elige el soporte Caddie™ para prensa de calor para la impresión de calor móvil
  • Opt for the Heat Press CounterCaddie® stand for fixed counter spaces
  • Los soportes se venden por separado
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Estilos disponibles

Soporte Caddie para prensas de calor

  • Ruedas de alto rendimiento, autoniveladoras para hacer que tu prensa clam sea portátil.
  • El soporte pedestal ajustable se puede elevar o descender para la comodidad de cada operador.
  • Dimensiones y peso:
    32" x 32" x 34-39" 61 lb
  • Tamaño y peso del envío:
    33" x 33" x 12" 65 lb
  • Fácil de armar.
  • Bajo costo de envío.
  • Soporte Blue Ribbon 24/7/365.
  • Un año de garantía.


Hotronix® Heat Press Caddie™ Stand is protected by U.S. Patent No: 9,573,332 and one or more pending US patent applications

Heat Press CounterCaddie® Stand

  • La versión mostrador se apoya sobre una superficie plana de trabajo.
  • Se recomienda una altura de mesa de 30".
  • Dimensiones y peso:
    22" x 12" x 6" 26 lb
  • Tamaño y peso del envío:
    24" x 14" x 7" 27 lb
  • No requiere armado.
  • Bajo costo de envío.
  • Soporte Blue Ribbon 24/7/365.
  • Un año de garantía.


Customer Reviews

Clasificación promedio
(basado en 6 reseñas)
 Why did I wait so long?!
Reseña de Jean Stucker 8/22/2019 1:42:54 p.m.
Owns a Hottronix clam Heat Press

This has made it so much easier for me, a short person, to press and not feel I am over reaching. Has a pretty big foot print, but rolls easily if needed. In the summer, it's great to move the press to be right under the AC vent! Why did I wait so long to buy one?!

 Game Changer!
Reseña de Jennifer Wright 7/27/2019 9:50:14 p.m.
Owns a Maxx Heat Press

I'm short. I have lower back problems. This adjusts where I need it. Sometimes I'll adjust it throughout the day if needed. You can't do that with a table. Easy to adjust. The added threadability is a huge plus! Getting ready to ad another to my shop!

Stahls' Response to: Game Changer!
7/28/2019 8:16:32 AM

Glad to hear the Caddie is helping you and your business!

 to purchase
Reseña de ogungbemisola olufunmilayo 8/21/2017 5:43:01 AM

it for personal use

 Excoted about the Purchase
Reseña de Kenton Monger 3/1/2015 1:48:49 p.m.

I purchased the 16x20 Heat press at the DAX Trade Show to use not only for business but for an Organization that I belong to and my alma mater that is dear to my heart to help them to raise money for their Athletic Department. While I was at the Trade Show I found out that they are in development in making a platen that the 16x20 will be able to heat press caps. I CAN'T wait until I can purchase it. HURRY-UP! Stahl's and put the platen on the market Thanks Brandon for helping me at the Trade Show .

 trabajo pesado
Reseña de Don LaTray 10/20/2013 7:53:12 p.m.

The heat press caddie is almost perfect. Supper heavy duty, very mobile, great height adjustment, and it makes it so much easier being able to thread hoodies for pressing. The only problem was it was not welded square the table top sloped to the front. When I put a square to the upright it was not square to the table top. It allowed the heat press to be lower in the front. I'm tall and this was an issue for me. I had to shim the base of the stand with multiple washer to get the press to be level. This is why the 4 not a 5 However for the price and ease of operation I would still buy another one and shim it with washers. It makes getting the job done much easier.

Reseña de Maureen 7/29/2012 2:16:13 p.m.

I just got my caddie and was concerned about the worries there!! This thing is SUBSTANTIAL! I have an 16x20 heat press and it works like a charm. Had some totes to do and used my smaller platen - much easier to get the bag pressed than previously. Gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I felt it was trickier to change platens than I had socket wrench was perhaps deeper than some, so the bolt set way down in the socket. Also, there is some sort of gadget/handle thing that I have no clue what it is for and the brief instruction sheet doesn't mention it...will call customer service to see what it is for. VERY PLEASED WITH THE PURCHASE!!

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