CAD-CUT® Hologram Heat Transfer Vinyl

Luces brillantes, gran impacto.

El material para transfers de calor de hologramas tiene un acabado brillante estilo prismático que tiene un efecto de arco iris. La imagen cambia cuando quien lo usa se mueve y se genera un efecto visual característico.


  • Composición: poliéster
  • Portador: transparente, sensible a la presión
  • Espesor: 100-115 micrones (0.1-0.115 mm)
  • Elasticidad y recuperación: 2
  • Capacidad de lavado: 50
  • Seguridad: certificación CPSIA
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Guía para el usuario

Instrucciones de aplicación para 1 colores

Tiempo: 10 - 15 segundos
Temperatura: 320°F/160°C
Presión: Firme
Extraer: Frío

Instrucciones de cuidado
Lavar en máquina del revés usando un detergente suave.
No uses lejía. Seca usando el programa normal de una secadora hogareña. No limpiar en seco.
Guardar en un lugar fresco y seco, a temperatura entre 65 y 70 grados Fahrenheit, con 50% de humedad relativa. Mantenlo resguardado del contacto directo con la luz solar, el calor y la humedad. La vida útil de almacenamiento es de un año.

Instrucciones para combinar materiales

Material para el primer plano:
Material para el fondo:

Guía de cortadora

Cortadora Hoja FuerzaOffsetVelocidad
GCC 45°/60° 90-150g/90-130g.25 / .5020 - 25 cm/s
Graphtec 45° 15140
Roland GX-24 45° / 60° 90-150g / 90-130g.25 / .5020-25 cm/s
Roland GX-24 Twill 110-130g.5020-25 cm/s
Siempre haz una prueba de corte antes de comenzar la producción. Para desprender y cortar de manera óptima, mantén un grosor de línea de al menos 1/16" para las letras y los logos.

Customer Reviews

Clasificación promedio
(basado en 16 reseñas)
 Love the shine!
Reseña de Marissa Robinson 6/15/2019 7:31:39 p.m.
Owns a Geo Knight Heat Press

This is a super fun vinyl, but the trick is YOU HAVE TO DOUBLE CUT IT (2 cut passes) or else it is super difficult to weed. I have a Roland 540i and I put the speed at 10, the cut force at 150 and did 2 cut passes. Came out perfect--after I screwed up a whole yard only doing a single pass. Now that I have figured it out, I'm definitely going to be keeping this in stock! Hope this helps!

 Perfect with proper down force!
Reseña de Devon Fournier 6/15/2019 2:34:49 p.m.
Owns a Fusion Heat Press

I 100% retract my previous review! Once I figured this product out it worked awesome!

Stahls' Response to: Perfect with proper down force!
6/17/2019 6:55:20 AM

Thanks for the great review Devon!

 Could use some improvment
Reseña de Jennifer Wright 6/9/2019 3:53:51 p.m.
Owns a Maxx Heat Press

I would really like to see this with an option for a high tack carrier like on some of your other products. I think this would make all the difference for the jobs I need it for.

Stahls' Response to: Could use some improvment
6/10/2019 8:13:59 AM

Thanks for the suggestion Jennifer!

 Cool to work with
Reseña de Elmer Ramos 10/10/2018 12:57:33 p.m.

Great material. Had no issues with peeling or setting up my "ROLAND G24". Proper use of your machine can let you work with the most difficult of materials. Great for small orders and gifts. Bring back the flitter.

Reseña de Aurora 9/25/2018 2:35:29 p.m.

The look is beautiful! The feel is thin. Working with it...ehh. The hardest material I've ever had to weed. I do write reviews typically but I do read them, wish I would've paid attention to these. I thought using a sharper blade would be helpful, but it didn't matter. It cuts just fine (for me anyway) but weeding this product is a nightmare. Something that would've take 5 minutes if it were vinyl took me about an hour with this material. It does have a pretty look, but I don't think I would ever work with this again. Pretty disappointed.

 Difficult to Weed
Reseña de Stefanie Ware 8/2/2018 11:30:56 p.m.

I ruined my entire order of silver holographic- now scared to use my black- beautiful material- but I'm not sure I will ever order it again.

 Great to differentiate your clothes and draw attention
Reseña de Andrew Heighway 3/24/2018 4:18:27 p.m.

It is a great product with a really cool, unique look that draws attention to it. Make sure you use enough pressure and maybe slow down the cutting speed a little bit and it'll cut great. When you weed it just bend the vinyl a little bit to show where it's cut and you won't have any problems. Definitely better for bigger designs or to accent another design like other reviewers have said, but it is worth it!

 Do not recommend!
Reseña de Devon Fournier 7/3/2017 2:51:53 p.m.

Was looking forward to trying this! Ruined the entire roll trying to get it to cut/weed correctly. Will NOT order again.

 Easy to work with
Reseña de David 9/8/2016 8:40:57 p.m.

I just ordered a silver roll. I set my pressure to 200 on the cutter. It was easy to see the lines. The effect is really cool. I didn't find it difficult to weed. The sticky backing actually helped. Cold peel was easy, as this product was my first cold peel product.

 Great Fashion Look
Reseña de James Hackworth 8/7/2015 9:04:21 p.m.

Another great product from Stahl's. Easily cut and not too difficult to weed once you learn the technique. To weed just slightly flex to get the material to pop up and then peel. I did a moderately complex design and once I learned the weeding technique it was easy.

 Pretty, but frustrating
Reseña de Kerry 3/24/2015 11:21:06 AM

We used this vinyl for a large run (500+) of shirts for a fundraiser--the hologram vinyl was just an accent to a screen printed design. It took 5 people an entire day just to weed the designs. It is EXTREMELY difficult to see the cut lines, and if you pull too fast or too slow, the material tears easily. It's a nightmare. The final effect is beautiful, but is it worth the frustration of trying to weed it?

Reseña de Edie 11/5/2014 4:34:23 p.m.

I can't get my roland g24 to cut thru this material. I have set the force to 250 and it won't even score the material. Very disappointed.

 Time Consuming But Worth It
Reseña de Laura 4/15/2014 3:08:21 p.m.

My customers LOVE this product. It is very time consuming to weed because it tdoes tear easily and is stiff to work with. It is def best to use it either on large designs that do not require much weeding or accents to a regular design.

 Pretty, but delicate to weed and wash
Reseña de Tina Bateman 3/30/2014 7:43:16 p.m.

I wanted to try something new, so I combined this with GlitterFlake on a bunch of shirts I was giving as gifts. I found it very difficult and frustrating to weed. As the previous reviewer said, it tears easily and is unforgiving. Worse of all, it must have rubbed against something in the washer, which visibly scratched it all up. It would probably be best for small applications; but for the design we used it on, it took up a lot of real estate on the shirt and made the shirt seem very stiff. It looked awesome with the GlitterFlake (which I LOVE), but I won't use this again.

Reseña de Dot King 10/26/2012 5:43:36 p.m.

It's beautiful on - but I found it hard to weed simply because the cut lines were difficult to see. If you make a mistake, the material tears easily.

 Quality product with lasting results
Reseña de Matt skovly 12/31/2011 10:44:00 p.m.

Super easy to use and definately will take you places you cant go with screen printing. This as well other specialty products has given my customers a new level of customization on sponsor shirts not seen in our niche industry.

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