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Prensas de calor

It all starts with a heat press

Heat pressing is a low investment, easy-to-learn decorating method. It has many advantages, including the ability to get creative with placement, decorate challenging fabrics, heat press on demand, and the flexibility to fulfil any size job.

Whether you're just starting a T-shirt business, or looking to expand, a heat press is the most important investment you'll make. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best press, like cost, quality, style, and efficiency. Stahls' craft and hobby presses are more affordable, but still provide high-quality results when applying heat transfer vinyl, screen printed or digital transfers, twill, and more - putting an end to ruined garments for good.

There are Heat Presses, then There's Hotronix®

Our bestselling Hotronix® line offers a heat press for almost any decorator-with unmatched reliability, accuracy, and durability. From the most technologically advanced smart heat presses on the market, to a press designed to change the way you heat press hats, we have everything your business needs to succeed.

Heat presses come in many makes, models, sizes, and styles. Let us help you decide which is right for your business.

Tabla comparativa de prensas de calor
Cómo elegir una prensa de calor
Prensas de calor

Prensa para sombreros 360 IQ

  • Quickly and easily print on all sides of a hat
  • One-size-fits-all lower platen
  • Dual Silicone Platen™ technology reduces scorching & creasing

6" x 6" Clam

  • Easily print smaller graphics
  • Compacta para hacerla portátil
  • Auto open feature prevents over application

Prensa de calor A2Z Swing Away

  • Affordable & high quality
  • Fabricada en los EE. UU.
  • 15" x 15" platen for larger print space

Air Fusion IQ

  • Auto swing creates heat-free workspace
  • Impulsada por aire comprimido
  • Disponible en modelos de pedestal y mesa

Auto Cap

  • Auto open prevents over-application
  • Compact size for portability
  • Print caps of all sizes with additional platens

Auto Clam

  • Lightweight, space-saving clamshell design
  • Available in multiple platen sizes
  • Most popular, user-friendly press

Prensa de calor artesanal

  • Digital time and temp for accurate application
  • Compact & lightweight design
  • Affordable option for crafters & hobbyists

Dual Air Fusion IQ

  • Two workstations increase productivity
  • Funcionan en simultaneidad o independientemente
  • Comes equipped with Laser Alignment System

Fusion IQ

  • #1 selling heat press
  • Prensa giratoria y de arrastre todo en uno
  • Program unlimited presets with touch screen controls

Hover Press™

  • Perfecta para tintas DTG de secado
  • Auto open feature prevents scorching
  • Digital time, temp, & pressure settings

MAXX® para gorras

  • Economical & easy to operate design
  • Portable for on-the-go printing
  • Digital time & temp readout for accuracy

MAXX® Clam

  • Affordable & durable entry-level press
  • Lightweight, space-saving design for mobile printing
  • Amplia apertura para un fácil diseño

Prensa de calor para balones deportivos

  • Customize synthetic leather sports balls
  • Easily create trophies or mementos
  • Base can accommodate up to 20"