CAD-COLOR® FoilTEK™ Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Elasticidad y brillo.

  • Liviano, suave al tacto
  • Acabado brilloso
  • Los colores cambiantes parecen diferentes según la tela en la que se aplican y el ángulo desde el que se miran.
  • Asombrosa elasticidad y recuperación
  • El adhesivo STiX2™ se adhiere a cualquier superficie
  • Aplicación a baja temperatura: segura para materiales sensibles
  • Recommended mask: Solutions® Mask
FoilTEK será discontinuado. Cantidades limitadas disponibles con un descuento del 50%. Se muestra el precio con descuento. Todas las ventas son finales y no se pueden devolver.
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  • Composición: poliuretano (PU)
  • Portador: fijo, insensible a la presión
  • Espesor: Plateado/dorado metálico - 37 micrones (0.037 mm)
    Colores metálicos: 68 micrones (0.068 mm)
  • Elasticidad y recuperación: 4
  • Capacidad de lavado: 50
  • Fijación del color: 4-5
  • Tiempo de secado: 30-60 minutos
  • Seguridad:Certificación CPSIA
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Guía para el usuario

Instrucciones de aplicación para 1 colores

Tiempo: Adhiere 5 segundos, extrae tibio, cubre y cierra 5 segundos.
Temperatura: 280-300°F/ 138-150°C
Presión: Media (#6 en Hotronix)

Instrucciones de cuidado
Lavar en máquina del revés usando un detergente suave.
No uses lejía. Seca usando el programa normal de una secadora hogareña. No limpiar en seco.
Guardar en un lugar fresco y seco, a temperatura entre 65 y 70 grados Fahrenheit, con 50% de humedad relativa. Mantenlo resguardado del contacto directo con la luz solar, el calor y la humedad. La vida útil de almacenamiento es de un año.


Guía de cortadora

Cortadora Hoja FuerzaOffsetVelocidad
Roland® GX-24 45° 80-90g.25 30 cm/s
Roland® VP-300 45° 80-90g.25 30 cm/s
Roland® SP-300 45° 80-90g.25 30 cm/s
Roland® XC-540 45° 80-90g.25 30 cm/s
Siempre haz una prueba de corte antes de comenzar la producción. Para desprender y cortar de manera óptima, mantén un grosor de línea de al menos 1/16" para las letras y los logos.

Customer Reviews

Clasificación promedio
(basado en 9 reseñas)
Reseña de Angel Charles-Roberts 3/29/2019 7:05:48 p.m.
Owns a Stahls Heat Press

Okay, so I finally used my metallic. The print is amazing on my BN-20. I found out that my tack wasn't strong enough, so I ordered the solutions mask and the heavy tack(strong). I tried it today and it picked up the design, but some spots still puckered and it wasn't as easy as my express print. I believe I overcooked it, I just read the instructions and the temp is a lot lower than express print and the press is a lot shorter. LOL! I am reprinting and hopefully I can get a good result in the end. I love the paper and wish it wasn't being discontinued. When I got my machine, I was told to do the double Magenta since I could buy the metallic. So now we won't be able to?? Not good! Will I be able to use metallic ink now in the Magenta space? I know that once I use metallic or white, I can't go back, but can I go from Magenta to Metallic?

 just needs better instructions
Reseña de djl 2/5/2019 7:25:52 p.m.

while the video shows how to apply it it doesn't first tell you how to print it-- which side is print and which carrier. that would help the new person. beyond that, wish they wouldn't discontinue it (thought the 50% off price is more appropriate than regular price)... always get ooo's and ahhh's from people and is one of the reasons when i got my roland versacamm i chose not to get metallic ink... who needs it with this product around? ps, live chat seems not to want to answer questions. you submit one and you have to either repeat yourself, and a few more "???" or a "hello?" to get a response. might want to check that out.

 Sad to see this go!
Reseña de Chris 2/2/2019 11:55:15 AM

I love printing on the metallic. It gives the design an extra shine and glow. Easy to use! Please keep making this product.

 Awesome product! I'll be sorry to see it go...
Reseña de Dan Mondor 11/1/2018 11:06:52 p.m.

I got great results on my first try. I love the metallic sheen and the feel of it. Have to be careful weeding it because the carrier is really low tack and you can easily pull up everything by accident but once you get used to the way it behaves weeding gets faster and kind of fun. While I do like getting it at half price, I wish it wasn't being discontinued.

 Best Metallic on the Market
Reseña de Jake 10/4/2018 1:24:14 p.m.

Hate to see this discontinued! We have tried finding a replacement for this metallic and nothing has compared. Weeding, printing, and cutting has been the easiest out of all we have tested.

Reseña de Chris 8/14/2018 3:32:28 p.m.

Love this product. Printing on the metallic finish gives the design such an added enhancement. Very easy to use. Holds ink well. Sad to see it go because it really makes the design so much better. I have used the gold and silver.

 Expirence required
Reseña de Abram 4/21/2018 11:37:41 p.m.

This product has its uses, when you need it the results are incredible. And no you cant use it in a laser printer. If your unfamiliar with using digital heat transfer then dont try it. When we show customers the effect they are blown away. Highly recommend it. Sorry to see it go. Maybe a less nasty review by someone who clearly was in over there head will keep it off the chopping block.

 us all the time
Reseña de Jonathan 3/31/2015 11:32:31 p.m.

make sure pressure is on 80. will cut just fine, you can't mirror this media, you cut reg, use a mask to pull off then place on material. people giving these bad reviews are people not doing it correctly getting frustrated and giving bad reviews. i had trouble figuring out at first but now its easy. lets rock and roll

 If I could give this zero stars I would!
Reseña de Ashley O'Neal-Shue 3/30/2015 12:21:19 AM

I took a chance on buying this. First I asked them whether or not a laser printer would work with this product and I was given the response that I would need to use exactprint paper with it. This was not right information whatsoever. I receive it and see that I needed the solutions mask as well. I ordered three colors, metallic silver, metallic gold, and metallic white. I was able to successfully print on this paper BUT the mask solutions rips it off! I used my cutter and it cut the vinyl just fine but this is so fine that peeling it is a nightmare! I was hoping this would make my image look really pretty and unfortunately there was no way to receive a sample of this. I bought one yard of the colors I mention PLUS the solutions mask and now I will be unable to use ANY of it. Wasted like $100. DON'T buy this unless you want to pull your hair out, total waste of money. So sad this didn't work!

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